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Fluid system equipment integration and intelligent control of the overall solution

Company profile Company

Boyd, science and technology(Stock code:833980)Is a fluid system equipment for global customers to provide integrated and intelligent control solution of technology companies as a whole,Relating to the oil、Chemical industry、Medicine、Printing and dyeing、New sources of energy、Food、Environmental protection and other fields。

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Honorary certificate Qualifications

This is in line with strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development,The customer is supreme,Service for the principle,In accordance with the company《Special equipment safety supervision regulations》、《TSGZaa0000002007Special...

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Brand center Brand

Boyd, sticking to it“Science and technology as the root、People-oriented”The concept of development,At the same time attaches great importance to technological progress and innovation and development,The ecological environment、Health and safety、The sustainable development of attention。

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  • 15 12Month

    Bo kuyt xi 'an office was set up

    After months of preparing,Kuyt technology co., LTD in wuxi2016Years12Month4The day was set up in xi 'an office。As to the northwest of customer demand increased this year,Wuxi bo kuyt technology co., LTD. Send experienced business and technical personnel in the northwest,In liaoning province and shaanxi province for the fulcrum,Radiation northwest market。The establishment of the office,Mark the wuxi bo kuyt technology co., LTD. Of the northwest market increasing investment and support,To the northwest of customers to provide more efficient service,To assist our channels and the partner constantly deepening market,Be more successful。Contact phone number000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00088879054Xi 'an office address:Xi 'an high-tech zone kam road69Number2Building10304RoomMore content...
  • 17 3Month

    2016Both Mr Li a reporter asked:A malicious words Eight commitments

     Two sessions after the end,Li held a press conference asked a Chinese and foreign journalists,Throughout the process,Questions about the Chinese economy,Mr Li said the malicious words,Also did a lot of promise,Phoenix finance show you below。A malicious words:Financial regulations do not take you are askedMore content...
  • 02 2Month

    Boyd, a new three board listed on the main mechanical seal auxiliary system research and development

    Chinese commerce intelligence network:2015Years10Month27Ribo kuyt833980.OCIn the new three board listing。Wuxi bo kuyt technology co., LTD., listed the brokers for sinolink securities,Certified public accountants to maple tian jian certified public accountants,Law firm for Beijing dacheng law firm。More content...
  • 02 2Month

    See how economic upturn in jiangsu

    “Five-year”During the regional GDP one trillion yuan even across three steps,The average growth of9.6%;2015Total annual economic breakthrough7One trillion yuan,The growth of8.5%,Higher than the national1.6Two percentage points。Behind the achievements,Is the development of the jiangsu facing the harsh reality:Population density of the province is the largest,The national minimum environmental capacity of per capita,More content...
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